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February 25, 2011

Google Puts a Check on Content Farm - Finding more high-quality sites in search

Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search
Google on Content Fa
Google Cracks Down on Content Farm - Updates:
The New search algorithm improvement by Google has really raised a lot of unanswered questions with high tensions of what really a content farm means - This is explicitly associated with providing low quality content or articles(junks) to the audience via search engine search results on major search engines like Google...It has also been related with duplicate contents and many folded article spinning that provide low quality contents. More to it.

The recent search engine algorithm change by Google targeted at ensuring quality content, helpful to readers or users to come with top placement on the search engines; this development has truly affected many authoritative content farm websites thereby bringing down most search results most regarded less quality information on the Internet. Many have wondered, trying to figure out what they have really done wrong. There are few things amongst others that very critical to adjust on as extensively discussed by few content farms towards a way forward:
  •  Automated Content Generation    
  •  Continued Repetition of Targeted keywords and key phrases 
  •  Spammy Techniques and a lot others
Google has a lot to tell publishers on the same at their official blog site with other relative reviews on the same.

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  1. Never really been a fan of linking farms because I knew from the start that it would just spell trouble.
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