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February 18, 2011

YouTube Subscriptions Widget - Get more subscribers with ease

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YouTube Subscriptions Widget: 1 billion subscriptions and counting: "Early on (we're talking '06 here, people!), the yellow subscribe button made its debut so the latest videos from your favorite channels..."

The new introduced YouTube subscriptions widget for YouTubers having websites and blogs of their own respectively. This is truly awesome and well commended by users.

The widget html code (script) when placed in your website html code area or in a blog will easily enable your YouTube channel viewers to easily subscribe to your video channel by just a click. More interestingly, it is quite interactive...Awesome!

Broadcast yourself on the Internet via YouTube channel. It is proven to be quite resourceful with a wide reach when it comes to getting quality and targeted traffic to your showcased and shared videos.

It's free to create and broadcast yourself on YouTube, but you ought to have or create a free Gmail account to get on smooth ride. I love the new YouTube subscription widget as it is simply interactive and easy to subscribe to your video channel by friends, guests and viewers

                     YouTube Subscriptions Widget - Video Tutorial    


  1. YouTube Subscriptions Widget - I found it quite innovative at ethically getting more subscribers to your YouTube Channel. It has been made easier with the widget. I look forward to utilizing it more on other sites of mine

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