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March 31, 2011

Airtel Nigeria Internet - Blackberry and Smartphones

Airtel Mobile Internet Settings and Blackberry Data Plans:
The usage of mobile Internet on cell phones has been made available and relatively affordable for users to subscribe to specific data plans of choice and for pocket wise in considerations. In this plight, most  top performing GSM/GPRS network providers like Airtel Nigeria formerly owned by Zain Nigeria has provided many sided benefits of mobile Internet.

Subscription of data services provided by these Internet service providers(ISP) have come as low as one hundred naira to start browsing the Internet on your cell phone for a period of 24 hours. There are other affordable data plans already rolled out by Airtel – Feel Free
Airtel Internet Settings:
It is very important that you know exactly what type of Internet access
you’ll be using as I encourage you to subscribe for a paid data plan. They are now most affordable and safer to go with.

You can call their customer service line by dialing 111 for better guidance by Airtel or send text with the following format “internet phone model” and send to 232, wait for an activation text response from Airtel Nigeria, then save it.

Sometimes it may take longer than expected to get the text response. You can also call their customer service by dialing 111

Airtel Internet Settings - Manual Configuration for Smartphones: 
Wap Settings:
Username                     wap
Password                      wap

Internet Setings:
Username                     internet
Password                      internet

Airtel Blackberry Enterprise Data Bundle
Data Service Plans
BISDAY                        Daily
Cost                               N200
Data plan                       Unlimited
Validity                          24 hours
Activation Code            Sms BISDAY to 440

BISWEEK                   Weekly
Cost                             N1,000
Data plan                     Unlimited
Activation Code           Sms BISWEEK to 440

BISMONTH                Monthly
Cost                             N3000
Data plan                     Unlimited
Validity                         24 hours
Activation Code           Sms BISMONTH to 440

Blackberry Enterprise service of Airtel Nigeria is exclusive to “post paid” subscribers only. More information at the official website of Airtel Nigeria.

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  1. Airtel Nigeria is now offering BlackBerry monthly Internet plan for N3000 only + 1 month free subscription in the 3rd month. To get activated: Text bismonth to 440. Offer valid till April 23rd 2011.

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  7. Airtel Nigeria mobile Internet is pretty stable and fast. Truly, Indians don't comprise to quality though there may be present general network challenges here. I ask that Airtel will graciously add more bandwidth to existing monthly data plans for cell phones.

  8. I've just observed that it is now easier to have your mobile phone automatically activated with internet settings to enable you browser the Internet. Simply recharge with equivalent credit of the desired data plan as stated above for Blackberry, type the activation code, press send and that is it. Other smartphones like Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung can simply get activated on the 24hrs data bundle plan for a N100 Airtel recharge card to get started. Activation Code: Type *141*712*11# and press send. That's it!

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