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April 26, 2011

How To Make A Website - Why You Need A Website

Making A Website
How Do I Make A Website?
The art of making a website today in the virtual global village of the Internet world has truly impacted much on the daily personal and business lives of respective users. It's now common to hear or read most elites and Internet literates saying, "what's your website address or visit our website for further information.

Guess what! Anyone even beyond your spheres of contact can reach you or your business from anywhere in the world. Do you know that it is very much possible to boost your personal image or business with a single registered and hosted domain name [] with proven domain name and web hosting companies like HostGator amongst others. I have seen many celebrities today who earlier embraced owning a website of their own even if the website was not built by them who eventually became so famous via people visiting their respective websites from different parts of the world. Amazing! I call it buying online landed property, once but, it appreciates just like a land property. Yes, you too can if you will. Read on...

Basic Things You Need To Make A Website:
  • Domain Name Registration - You need to choose and register a domain name with the formation of your personal and business names.
  • Website Hosting - After registering your chosen domain name, you'll also get it hosted or housed under the same platform to enable host website after creating your webpages.
  • Web Design Software - Most web hosting providers now offer free web designing software integrated, but you can also get a professional easy to go web designing software like Microsoft FrontPage, SiteSpinner Pro to help you create a more professional looking websites with better features and flexibilities. 
  • You could also use any of the free web blogging softwares like WordPress, Google Blogger or Joomla with your registered domain name, interestingly, these blogging platforms got lots and lots of website templates, plugins and extensions to get started.

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  2. I agree, Marlon. Sometimes, it's even better to go for a reseller instead of a web hosting company. You can save a lot of money this way, depending on the needs of your website.

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