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August 29, 2011

Do You Ping on Blackberry?

Blackberry Pinging Service - The growing Mobile innovations associated with pinging service on mobile phones like Blackberry has taken a giant drive of technological and social revolutions of her users similarly different, complimentary, and famous in the manner of social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, yookos, etc. Most Mobile Network service global providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat amongst others providing Blackberry pinging and Internet services respectively. 

This has indeed innovated the social life esteem, news, jokes, business, and productivity, at the same time thrive beautifully beyond imaginations... More and more innovative Blackberry software updates and
downloads made available at all times via their respective networks.

Blackberry Pinging Service and Users - The Pinging Image of Blackberry Users:
Mobile phone pinging service of Blackberry has got a top self esteem as it is now the desire of a few men and most women. A young top business man(married), a friend of mine recently told me that there was a particular day last month he didn't step out of his house as he was busy pinging throughout...Can you imagine that? Good for him...I'm not against it. 

Watch the video on how to send messages on your Blackberry device:

Some ladies can go weird just for a pingchat to a fault, as once reported on how a lady was saved from almost felling into a big gutter while pinging on the road head down. It was really a cracking joke on facebook with the pics and more. Lol. The added status: What's your ping? Do you ping? Wait a minute a boy almost made me laugh yesterday, he asked a girl, do you ping? She said yes, and was asked for the pin, and she answered: 0803xxx, people very close started laughing though I smiled. The way they're going about this pinging stuff, she might dream and dare to have a blackberry one day. As for business wise, I think,  BB pingchat could be a great way to facilitate information and communications in business.

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  1. Blackberry pinging seems to be quite innovative and revolutionary to many cell phone users across the huge pingchat network that is interestingly resulting to a now popular challenge and question: "Do you ping on Blackberry?" Hope you're not scared if you don't...Lolz.