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August 06, 2011

My Facebook Story

Facebook recently thanked her numerous fans on their official fanpage for reaching a milestone of 50 Million fans who liked their page. Interestingly, the did ask fans to express their respective stories about facebook, and you can be sure that all stories will not be quite romancing but majority sounded great; one of the excited fans even narrated that, I quote "facebook is my life." 

The truth is not far fetched as many of us can literally not pass a whole day without checking out friends on facebook; updates, gists, gossips, jokes, world news, and business. Recently, I got to know of a friend who got wedded in my locality without any pre-information of event other than some of his photos that were liked by another of my friend on facebook.

In fact, as for me I draw and feed my spirit first from a rhapsody of realities devotional
social network group before any other daily activities of mine...

The Social Network - Watch this video clip

My facebook story may be quite different from so many out there, that's for sure! Since I've been on the virtual social networking life, I'm yet to find one as useful and very innovative as facebook though there're many other good social networks. It has truly revolutionized the way industries, companies, religious bodies, organizations, and world economies relate with parties involved in many ways. People meeting people by the clicks; uncountable marriages have taking places in real lives with credits to catch ups on facebook as per say.

Are there odds on facebook?
I've earlier heard some bitterly criticized facebook on privacy and security issues. It was indeed nagging! This is exactly where this social network earned my top rating and respect. How? You may ask! They've got listening ears; the tackled and minimized most worrisome privacy and security issues till date. In fact, the nagging one I also pointed out among other people who attended an officially held webcast meeting with CEO, Mark Zukerberg was timely put in place and I'm glad about the development: 'the option to block/unfriend stubborn or hijacker friends and

Remember, facebook default status is, "what's on your mind," not "what's on others mind." We value your comments or  your story.


  1. Posting on your facebook wall is like pasting mindful and inspirational quotes, tasks, written thoughts on your bedroom or sitting room as daily reminder and propeller. Your family and friends will see them, like and comment. But, if a few or non liked or commented on them, that should not worry or discourage you either. It's what's on your mind, and not theirs.