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September 09, 2011

The Online Business Of Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Internet Marketing Business Trend:
Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has come to stay. In the world of Internet marketing business, we understand that anyone can legitimately start an internet business by promoting or selling other peoples products and services without necessarily having your own website or product; this trend of internet business where you get paid with a certain percentage of money (commission) from sales made through your promoted affiliate link is actually thriving amongst newbies and internet marketing gurus in Nigeria.

There were days when it was a big nightmare to even think of doing an Internet business because of the nagging challenges associated with making money on the Internet in Nigeria. These
challenges were so daring and frustrating that one can truly attest to the saying that "change is constant" seeing the new face of this business today.

Affiliate Marketing Guide In Nigeria:
Today, affiliate marketing business in Nigeria has taken a giant drive on empowering so many Nigerians online, young and old who are willing to legitimately work and make money on the Internet selling affiliate products of reputable companies on the Internet with the help of many internet service providers asking for mass Internet access subscription from people even on the streets. In fact, this was one the basic nightmares we all had, epileptic internet connection. Now, the story is different. Internet access remains the propeller of this business.

An Affiliate program is simply a joint venture between a company who wants to get their esteemed products promoted and the marketer who is the affiliate; there are many affiliate marketing programs or networks one can join as a vendor or an affiliate or even doing the both:

Guide for newbies to affiliate marketing in Nigeria:
1. Steady access to the Internet - Ensure that you're on a stable Internet connection especially a broadband connection from any of the top performing Internet service providers.

2. Do a research on trending topics on Google Trends and Yahoo buzz just to get acquainted with whats trending, this will enable you to know what people are hunting or thirsting for, even from the news, newspapers...whats actually driving people.

3. Picking an Niche or product to promote: You can promote a few products or services you know that people want and are dare need of, like web hosting(the world), weight loss, making money online, health and fitness or visit affiliate networks like, and PayDotCom. Though ClickBank affiliate program is not yet opened to Nigerians living in Nigeria but Nigerians online do register, participate and get paid through virtual office services or using an address of your trusted person in the UK or US to register and to receive payments on your behalf.

There are many affiliate programs out there but one should always look out for the ones that can easily send payouts to you by check to Nigeria like Google Adsense amongst others. Sign up with one or more affiliate programs with good track record on customers satisfaction, better percentage as commission and a good payment model.

4. Start blogging on Blogger, WordPress or hubbing on HubPages to publish helpful reviews on your chosen affiliate products, at best develop your own website to promote these affiliate products. Warning! Do not spam the Blog and HubPages communities even with your blogs and hubs else you could get kicked out. Be informed, HubPages do not accept inserting affiliate links on hubs as it could get you banned.

5. Promote affiliate products on your blogs, hubs or websites; there are easy healthful ways to promote your site as you study some strategies at this blog on getting targeted website traffic to your Internet business. Web traffic is the backbone of every successful Internet business.

6. Open a domiciliary account with any top bank in Nigeria banks good at FX transfer and Internet banking to enable you cash your earned affiliate checks when the start coming in.

7. Don't forget to always improve yourself and your affiliate marketing business by learning more and applying the same.

Be encouraged to build an online business empire with this trendy business online. Patience is also a great virtue to hold onto. You're welcome.


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  1. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has truly been helped to grow rapidly with the emergence of globally accepted Visa and Master debit cards. Quite an awesome relief to many Nigerians online. We hope to have other reputable payment gateways to do same.

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  4. I have seen blogs that promotes Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria and you are one of them who are so generous. You provide easy and simple steps how people can be successful like you. I agree that you should have patience because the result your work is not fast to attain. We should put quality to every work that we do.

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  7. Its nice to know that you are willing to help this much. thanks on behalf of everyone.