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September 10, 2011

How To Sell Your Products Using An Internet Forum

Forum Marketing Strategy:
The online forums are truly thriving as channels to sell products online for free over the years. An Internet forum is an online discussion website. It could also be referred as online community of people with social interests and bonds. This is a very resourceful platform capable of getting participators online to share ideas and interact with each other from anywhere in the world. These are the realities of the online virtual worlds of the technology age. I guess you're making good use of online forums to ethically forge your business ahead.

To Sell a product online with online discussion forum has been proven very effective amongst
most successful online business owners, a very good way of sharing your thoughts by posting topics(threads) on the discussion board where other members could read, interact, debate or compliment on the same. Imagine having a pressing concern that requires beter clarification on some issues best known to you and getting over to a discussion forum board to put up a topic or thread on that issue, guess what?

You'll be surprised at the good responses you'll get from other members. Some online forum memberships are for free and there are paid forums depending on the line of focus otherwise combined where one can register for free and later upgrade to paid enhanced services. You may be already asking now, how can I use the forums to market my business on the Internet.

Sell Products Online For Free on Forums:
You must understand that online discussion forums are not places to spam with your ads and affiliate links all over the respective forum categories or segments as this could get you banned. Then how do I go about it, you may be asking? Participation is the Key! Before signing up for a free or paid online discussion forum board, you will need to look out for most relevant forums addressing to your passions, line of business, trade or profession.

There are forums out there for lawyers, engineers, doctors, webmasters, writers, internet marketers just anything you can think of, name it. You could put a search term on e.g "weight loss forums." You'll see the results yourself. To get started, sign up for free or paid ones. Interestingly you can start running your own forum for free with your registered and hosted domain name on Simple Machines Forum (SMF) platform. The choice is yours.

How to get started:
  • Register with a relevant niche forum
  • Put up a good writeup on your forum profile page
  • Include a link to your product or website as your signature(this appears as footnote on any comment or reply you made in the forums. Some forums don't make rooms for that.
  • Make quality contributions and comments on various topics of interests shared on the discussion boards and become an authority on the same.
  • Locate an advert segment of the forum and advertise your products and services in the appropriate category. Do it professionally.
  • Start up and discuss threads(topics)relevant to your products and services, truly discuss it with passion not just posting links and ads as that could be rated as spamming.
  • Share it to your social networks like facebook, twitter, digg and a few others to gain more online traffic, and you should know pretty well that online traffic is MONEY
Forum Marketing Tips:
The interesting part about online discussion forum board that gets it more rewarding and interesting is that major search engines do love fresh and new content from internet forums and you can be sure that the forums provide them with valuable content. The possibilities of interacting with your potential customers on the forum is quite a reality, it could be a very good way of building your credibility online. I have personally sold lots of digital and physical products online using an indigenous forum amongst others. Online Traffic = Sales. It's so amazing!

Tips: Use rich and good keywords for your postings(new topics and replies). Due to the freshness of the inputs from several members on forums daily, you can be sure of coming up whenever similar targeted keywords are used as search terms on search engines.


We value your comments, questions and vote. Please do not spam the online communities.

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  1. The key to a successful forum marketing on any valuable product is simply an insightful "participation," sometimes your prospects(members and guests) may tend to check on your forum profile and number of thread posts made. Very interesting if you learn how to ethically use various forum segments relative to your niche without having to spam.