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September 07, 2011

My Favorite Websites

The Reality of Online Virtual Worlds of the Internet:
There are few favorite websites(virtual worlds) that have gained my humble attention that I cannot but visit first each day before doing any other thing online. In fact, they're so resourceful and meaningful to me that I hardly do without them. Like I said earlier that they're few that have kept influencing the way I do things on the Internet generally. There are favorite for me for a lot good reasons worth sharing:

If you're reading this blog(article) now, that means you can understand me better because this is a "blogpost or could be called a web article written and published under blogger with my registered domain name. It is quite safe and rewarding with amazing tools to write, publish, earn basic residual income with Adsense and Amazon.

1. Facebook is supposedly the largest social networking site with over 200 million active members across the globe and most interactive and viral amongst all social networks. This site is so amazing that you can find anyone or business you thought missing or lost by doing a little search with name or email address which will actually do the magic; connecting you with old friends, colleagues and having fellowship brethren.

They Big and small names; individuals, businesses, organizations and corporate international firms are using it: President Barack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Chris, CNN, FOX News, Forbes, Airlines, Google, ClickBank, just name it. It can also boost your business all together with quality and targeted traffic.

Recently, Facebook team and members celebrated 500 million people on this great social networking site. A common question asked amongst old and young, business executives, organizations and companies in recent days: Are you on Facebook? You could also friend me on facebook

2. NairaLand Discussion Forums is a great forum discussion board in Nigeria owned by a young Nigerian, for Nigerians and friends of Nigeria ( a country of over 150 million people). This great forum is one of the biggest interactive websites in Nigeria, Africa and beyond having about 475,476 active members and 338,529 topics as at the first edition review of this post, now having over 753,213 members with 689776 topics at this day of second revision.

The forum is rapidly growing strong and very resourceful. In fact, this site alone has actually changed the way I do things online since 2008 I joined. Checking out on news, technology, jobs and business have not ceased amongst other forum sites. I realized the reality of using forums for my Internet marketing here on the technology market and advert segment of NairaLand, participating in the religion, politics, money segments etc. Lovely indeed. Do not spam the forum segments else you could get penalized (banned). Very recommendable to always read the TOS of any online community to function better and get helps when needed.

3. Warrior Forum [Internet Marketing Forums]:
It is good I point it out here clearly on the need for anyone who is willing to make out time to learn the ropes, even the gurus who are now successful online still learn, learn and apply what learnt daily. Warrior forum is a great place where anyone can go and dwell to learn from real successful and brilliant internet marketers.(Do not spam else you get kicked out) Learning, learning and applying what learnt is a vital key to always use for a successful online virtual living. This is an Internet Marketing discussion board for the new and old in the field.

The above listed favorite websites are not the only sites I visit daily but are most favorite to me, I feel they are also resourceful to so many out there globally. The three of the websites above are quite proven resourceful to many users across the globe, ensuring a smooth and improved living on the Internet. Hard work and participation on these great online communities are not left out, making useful and informative contributions.

Learning, from people who are willing to share valuable thoughts and information relative to set goals could be most celebrated because knowledge is actually power in all ages and the Internet technology is not behind at all. - The Online virtual world born out of the Internet has come amazing and helpful in recent days...this will also continue with better innovations each year.My personal blogs and websites still delightsome land.

4. Blogger - It is a blogging web based software also known as blogspot, developed and owned by Google for writers, bloggers and online publishers. Interestingly, there's no day I don't visit to administer my site domain: which is primarily hosted on Google with all my blog posts. Anyone can comfortably put up lovely and professional website or blogsite using google blogger platform.

5. Fiverr - This is an online platform(marketplace) where people share things they are willing to do for just $5. Interestingly, I've successfully used it to market info products and services for $5 per GIG only on Fiverr. In fact, you can outsource just anything digital product via Fiverr for 5 USD and make huge money delivering to clients as a consultant like designing logos and graphics, social marketing, Technology, Business, Private and Master resale products and licensing. This is just the monetary aspect of an online virtual living.

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