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September 06, 2011

Opera Mini 5 Phone Web Browser

Opera mini 5.1 - SmartPhones, iPhone, iPod and Blackberry, Nokia:
Opera Mini 5
Opera Mini web browser for mobile phones has come prettier and better with the full web experience on your palm, Opera Mini 5.1 web browser is quite interesting to come with great innovations this time. If you've been using Opera mini browser for mobile phones, you will agree with me that this free web browser software is very exciting in it's nature and functionality.

I got quite interested among other numerous users to find out after downloading the software with it's many sided features for any phone
including the recent touch screen phones. Many of the features I found very interesting compared to other opera mini previous versions are the abilities to open more than one windows and easily toggle around them(Tabbed browsing), Speed dialing bookmarked sites that can allow up to nine full websites as bookmarks in front of the phone for your selection and fixed site dialing.

Opera Mini Web Browser for iPhone, iPod and Blackberry
Opera Software announced the approval of Opera Mini web browser for iPhone and iPod touch on Apple store. Since the launch of this great web browsing experience software for iPhone and iPod touch users, it compresses data transfer upto 90%, thereby helping millions of users to enjoy speed and save money on mobile data plans. Opera Mini for Blackberry: This mobile web browser software has truly gained the favorite usage of most Blackberry phone users. Some blackberry phones now come with this mobile Internet browser by default.

Opera Mini 5 for iPhone

Opera Internet Browser and Gprs Settings:
This is a java powered mobile Internet browser software of less than 300kb in size. Free, fast, and secured mobile web browser for keypad and touch screen phones with enhanced graphics, speed and security. If you're already using the previous version 4.2 or you're using the default cell phone web browser.

You can upgrade or download directly to your phone by typing in on your address bar or visit Opera mobile software official site. Please find below the required "free gprs settings" for major network service providers and their countries for your cell phones respectively.

GPRS/MMS Internet Settings for Mobile Phones:
Connecting your phone with GPRS settings to suite Opera Internet browser, you can have the Internet connection setup automatically on your phone from major phone manufacturers like NOKIA, SONY ERICSSON, and MOTOROLA powered by Opera Help

Worldwide Manual Configuration settings for smartphones:

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