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September 06, 2011

How can I use Opera Mini for Free Internet Access?

Opera Mini Free Internet Access:
I've received several similar questions recently about how to use Opera Mini browser for free. This full web experience browser is proudly given to users for free to download and use by Opera developers, the mobile Internet browser software has been used many times few years ago to access the Internet for free on various networks across the globe. Many Internet service providers earlier had their network data access used totally free of charge by Opera mini users, and a few other reliable
mobile web browsers across the globe.

In fact, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phone manufacturers pioneered it with their web based GPRS/EDGE configurator for most ISP's in over 150 countries. You must get this right: "Opera mini browser" of any versions; 2,3,4 and 5, 6 respectively are only free web browser software like Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and many others for desktop computers, only that this is a java powered software for cell phones. The software is not the Internet access which is given by the ISP's.

The free usage of data on mobile phones has drastically reduced as the major Internet Service Providers have tightened up free Internet access through their GPRS/EDGE network; they've actually monetized the usage of data on their network through strong bandwidth billing software that may only require a trick to pass through. And tricks don’t last!

Opera Mini for Mobile Phones:
One thing I'm sure about Opera mini among other good features and benefits of using this mobile web browser is that you will be able to save money on any data plans up to 60% which has been proved over the years by users. The software design runs to give you a full web experience, well optimized with the speed and enhanced graphics. There are non lasting tricks ever for using it to have "free Internet access" on a few networks nowadays! It's big struggle, I really don't like getting into the associated headache. 

I have always chosen to go for a paid data plan or bundle of any local service provider of my choice for full satisfaction. The truth is that the hacked or call it tricks do not last and are very unstable though fast at sometimes; I've used it for like about a month before I finally decided to quit getting interested about it no matter any of such offers 4 years ago. You could checkout this link for free Internet providers -

I advise you to decide to know how you can to download, configure, run and improve Opera mini browser experience on your mobile phone,

Receive Internet setup from manufacturer:
To start using Opera mini browser on your mobile phone, you must have an internet connection setup and activated. If you do not have your phone already setup. Most service providers and manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola has worked out a web based phone configurator to help set it up for you automatically and free of charge.

Downolad Opera Mini - Simply type on your default web browser on phone(phone web browser it came with) to download the recent Opera mini version on your smartphone. Remember, your mobile phone set must be Internet activated first with your local network provider; nowadays, most Network service providers automatically get it done. 

Once activated, you'll be basically charged on data plans by your data service provider but remember that this phone browser software will help you save money on the usage.


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  1. The desire, and the high rate of struggle by many mobile phone users to always have access to free internet connection seem to be an unquenchable thirst for seekers, but now a celebrated trick of the past.

  2. How obout on samsung phone?? Is it possible to access on free internet??