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September 07, 2011

What Is Spamming?

Spamming - The effects of the abuse or misuse of Internet
The increasing concern about the word "spam" or "spamming" still sound like a wonder to many online users who don't understand what internet spam means; what is spam? And it's activities that are most disliked by every internet community. The new anti spam bot or mechanisms on the Internet in recent days have penalized, blocked, even banned users including newbies, acclaimed professionals and regular users who tend to abuse services made

Sadly, many do it without knowing much about it. This could also be called the abuse of web applications and the Internet media. In fact, many have been banned or accounts disable for simply abusing an electronic media made available especially with online communities

Different Forms of Spam:
  • Instant messaging spam: The inappropriate use of instant messengers like yahoo, aol, msn and other chatting channels.
  • Internet forum spam: Making frequent 'same' posts to irrelevant forum categories
  • Comment Spam: Posting comments to blogs, hubs and websites with the sole aim of leaving your site or affiliate link; thereby being overly promotional without making insightful comments to the discussion threads.
  • Email Spam: Spamming someone's email is quite familiar with all of us using the internet especially people with public email addresses. Sending bulk and unsolicited email.
  • Mobile phone unsolicited text messages: Sending unsolicited [without permission] text messages to mobile phone users. It could be very irritating to receivers.
  • Social networking spam: Spamming the online communities with frequent and aggressive friendship request to unknown persons, frequent ad posts, links, blatant sales promotions, tagging, and unsolicited mails.
Spamming is all about the abusing of electronic media and it stinks! Many have engaged in the act without knowing it hurts. 

It turns people off on you, no matter whatever good you tend to offer them[your audience] without you even knowing it. 

There's room for anyone to adjust if you found yourself doing it knowingly and unknowingly. It truly calls for control, modesty and being ethical.

"You either Stop Spamming or Get Stopped by Anti Spam Software and Protection Mechanisms"

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