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September 17, 2011

Who Is A Christian?

Christianity and Religion: The Truth About Christianity...
The questions is, Who Is A Christian? A very vital and common question, "Who is a Christian?" The word "Christian" came from the Greek word "Christianos" which was generated from the Greek word "Christos," Christ, meaning the anointed one. According to Acts 11:26 it was first heard in Antioch of Syria, applied to followers of Christ.

This public and religious identity tagged to followers of Jesus Christ(Disciples or Believers). Very Interesting. This question has always
showed up among us trying to know exactly who is a Christian and to Non Christians. Christianity as a supposed religion is quite different from being a Christian. Is the believer a church goer, a pastor, a priest or an evangelist? By revelation of God's word, I believe the life of a Christian, I mean one who is born of the spirit - The Word of God!, One who believes in the death and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. One ordained to get answers to prayers. Mathew 7:7, Jeremiah 33:3. One whom the Law of the Spirit of Life has made Free from the Law of the Spirit of sin and death.

Christ Consciousness by Pastor Chris - Watch this classic video.

Christian living is a Faith walk [in the spirit] not just the play of Religion:
  1. A Christian is the saved, with primary assignment to share the gospel and win souls.
  2. A Christian already has faith, grows it by acting on the word of God daily.
  3. A Christian has eternal life, he/she died,buried and resurrected in Christ Jesus.
  4. The believer is made righteous in Christ Jesus
  5. A Christian has the mind of Christ, an excellent Spirit.
  6. A Christian is created in love, and should love everybody including non Christians
  7. A Christian has the nature of God; miracle worker and co-creator with Him.
This eternal question is attracting so many people from several beliefs and religion, what could be your view and understanding on this subject matter. Find out the true identity of a Christian.To God be the glory. Christian love among the believers. Christian life is a faith walk. Salvation is personal and the word of God works in all ages to the glory of God. We must understand the reality of a true christian love amongst believers. We value your comments and testimonies. You're welcome.

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  1. Christianity is not a religion, but the pulsating life of God in a believer. No wonder Jesus kicked against religion and it's associated antics in his earthly days.