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November 22, 2011

Google Trader Nigeria - Buy and Sell Products Online

"Nigeria's Marketplace for Products and Services."
Google recently launched an online classified website and listing called Google Trader within a few African countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. This is huge and resourceful Nigeria's marketplace for products and services. Great tool online for business owners and Entrepreneurs to reach prospects and people searching for products and services to buy or hire.

Google Trader launched in Nigeria is a welcomed development as perceived by many Nigerians online who already using indigenous classifieds to "buy" and "sell" products and services on the
Internet like Konga, Nairalist, Dealfish, Dealdey etc; good competition for the players to even improve better on their respective existing platforms..

Selling Online In Nigeria:
It has always been known with Google's many sites simplicity. Google Trader is very simple, easy and seemingly effective though this launch is not up to one month old now, but very promising if you know how good and effective Google products are! Below is how it looks like posting a few ads from my Google Trader account yesterday. Indeed a great "marketplace" and tool that will be connecting both sellers and buyers online. It has products and services categories ranging from  Agriculture, Jobs, Computers, Electronics, Cars, Phones, Wanted Items, browse the categories to find out more.

How To Get Started:
  • It is 100% free, if you already have a GMail or Google account, you need not to sign up again
  • Visit Google Trade Nigeria:
  • Post Ads to appropriate categories, ads are also editable.
  • Manage your listing, and that's it - Simple
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  1. I'm looking forward to see "Google Trader" improvements on the same by integrating an optional Google Checkout shopping cart by default on transactions in the marketplace especially on digital products. Google has great opportunities on the Nigeria market considering the increasing high numbers of Internet users in Nigeria, I sincerely appreciate Google's enterprising support to Africa including Nigerians online in many ways.

  2. I use nowdays there are. more online sell and buy portal in Nigeria -- I personally use -- I dont expect Google go so low to that extent - Google should provide a backbone solutions not hijacking but entrepreneur can handle

    1. I don't think Google did hijack anything rather opened peoples eyes on the importance of an effective online classifieds portal though free. Sometimes healthy competitions of providers make it good for users.