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April 18, 2012

Nigeria Zip Code and Postal Codes

The Nigerian postal codes existed all long before now and have been updated by the Nigerian postal service with a new web portal,  the quest to actually search and get the exact zip code for Nigerian states and area codes seemed to be a wonder to many as you'll always hear from most people filling some officially related online forms or at the offline world saying: What is Nigeria's postal code or zip code?

It could be quite embarrassing to not know the actual states zip code; for instance, 234 is Nigeria's International dialing code, and not the zip code. Interestingly, Nigerian postal service have publicly
made available a postcode online portal to enable anyone in the world easily search and find relevant states and area zip codes in Nigeria:

Basic features contained in the PostCode portal are:
  • Postcode/Zip code Finder
  • Post office locator
  • Mail Tracking
  • Post Office Registration

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