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May 01, 2012

How To Get Recharge Card Loan Service on Airtel

Interestingly, I just discovered that one could loan airtime worth of between 50 and 500 Naira on Airtel Nigeria network. A big thanks to a friend of mine who made this service (Airtel Advance Talk Time Service) known to me.

This is actually good especially on emergency whereby you may be out of reach of airtime recharge card access or ran out airtime in the night per say; I used it recently when there was nowhere to find a recharge card in the night.

 Airtel Nigeria made it possible for subscribers to load airtime with a payback grace of four days
with the following categorized servicing fees of N10 for loaned N100, N20 for loaned N200, N50 for loaned N500 following the requested amount. The service will deduct the exact service fee from the whole sum of airtime requested before final credit. If qualified and credited with the requested mobile airtime, you'll be given between 3 - 5 days grace to redeem it when next you recharge your mobile line.

You'll not be eligible to get a desired recharge card loan from Airtel Nigeria if you fail to redeem your previously loaned recharge card. It does not stop you from making or receiving calls, It is like a life saver because, it really helps especially when there's an emergency.

Exclusively meant for Airtel subscribers to simply use their assigned recharge card codes:
Airtel Loan Code:  Type *500*amount# then send. i.e *500*100# will recharge a N100 worth of airtime, and this service has a limit of N500 recharge.

Please note that you must be eligible to take advantage of this service by being a regular user of Airtel Nigeria Network on your mobile phone first.

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  1. Quite amazing recharge card loan service of Airtel Nigeria. The automation seem to be very smart that it will definitely balance the loan immediately after you load airtime units. It does help though.