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July 27, 2012

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria offers both prepaid and postpaid Internet data bundles to suit your need for broadband Internet access on most mobile phones and devices, residential /office computers and laptops. 

Interestingly, Airtel data plans now run on a fast 3.75G network on mobile phones, and devices like iPad, data modem, MiFi and Router for optimum performance and productivity with the stability of the data transfer rate.

The ease of simply activating your mobile devices and computers for Internet browsing by simply
applying the Internet subscription codes for your required data plan without visiting Airtel office or sending activation sms that may take a whole lot of time even days actually worth the knowing and applying the required subscription codes if you’re an Airtel subscriber desiring to go online.

Airtel Data Plan and Subscription Codes:
  • Daily:        10MB at N100 valid for 24 hours          -          Dial  *141*712*11#
  • Daily:        150MB at N500 valid for 24 hours        -          Dial  *141*712*3#
  • Weekly:     25MB at N400 valid for 7 days             -          Dial  *141*712*9#
  • Night:        3GB at N2,500 valid for 30 days           -          Dial  *141*712*7#
  • Weekend:  3GB at N3,000 valid for 30 days           -          Dial  *141*712*8#
  • Lite:          200MB at N1,000 valid for 30 days       -          Dial  *141*712*4#
  • Surf:          500MB at N2,000 valid for 30 days       -         Dial  *141*712*12#
  • Smart:       1GB at N3,000 valid for 30 days            -         Dial *141*712*10#
  • Plus:          3GB at N5,000 valid for 30 days            -         Dial *141*712*1#
  • Max:         5GB at N8,000 valid for 30 days            -         Dial *141*712*2#
  • Premium:  8GB at N15,000 valid for 30 days          -         Dial *141*712*5#

To check your data bundle balance, dial *141*712*0# and send.

Enjoy surfing the Internet with Airtel Nigeria! 

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  2. Truly, Airtel Nigeria Internet plans have proven to be very effective and stable, I use it amongst other service providers; it seems to be most stable having used the service for over 5 years now even on mobile since the then Celtel NG now Airtel Nigeria. The stability counts much for me than being just speedy and wouldn't work at all times.

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  4. Airtel Nigeria Internet plans have proven to be very effective and stable - as compare with India plans