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August 04, 2012

Ask Google and Get Answers Fast

Ask Questions and Get Answers for Free
The ease of asking questions and getting answers for free on Google homepage is an amazing innovation when considered that you can virtually ask Google anything your mind can think of and more especially the numerous quality of answers you'll actually get. In fact, Google homepage interest me the most on the following features amongst others:

                                                       Google Search Page
Google Search

  • Google Search - Ask Google anything on your mind, or any asked questions and get free answers fast. I've got valued to be smart for answering a question that non of the supposed elites with us in the gathering couldn't answer...All I did was just launched my mobile phone web browser and asked Google, gave the answer to all and that's it!
  • Google Maps - Do you need city and streets directions with their respective names? Anyone can freely click at the maps option page on the menu bar on top of Google homepage and get explicit map directions, popular places etc as Google maps have helped me severally without needing to ask much questions while traveling to anywhere in the world while trying locate city guide.
                                                              Google Maps Page    
    Google Maps
  • Google Images - World gallery of images indexed from several websites across the globe, just think of anything, you can take a good visual look at or share any making reference to the original source. Interestingly, google images search is another great way of getting quality and targeted traffic to your websites and blogs because people search for images a lot, so do yourself the favor by tagging your uploaded images with relevant keywords.  

                        Google Search Features - Watch Video Demonstration 

It really does help to Ask Google!

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