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March 02, 2013

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan and Subscription Codes

Etisalat Nigeria as Nigeria’s fourth GSM operator is on the top of managing Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services (EMTS), it began commercial operations as Etisalat Nigeria in October 2008, now operating with over 14 million subscribers in Nigeria and recently launched one of the first major mobile broadband services in Nigeria named EasyBlaze, which offers efficient various Internet data plans to suite your need.  

Etisalat is presently the 15th largest mobile network operator
in the world, with an awesome total customer base of over 135 million. Frankly speaking, I love their mobile Internet services the same way I do on Airtel Nigeria as both network providers are my favorite when it comes to stable 3.7G broadband Internet connections.

Etisalat Nigeria Internet Settings - Manual Internet configuration for phones and computers:
The following mobile Internet settings are applicable to GPRS or 3.7G.
  •     Account Name:                                 Etisalat Nigeria
  •     Access Point Name (APN):              etisalat
  •     IP Address:                             
  •     Port:                                                  8080 or 9201
  •     Username:                                         leave it blank
  •     Password:                                          leave it blank

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan (Data Bundles):
Internet subscription codes on phone plans: Type choice of data plan code below on phone and send:
  •     Daily Plan      -  Data: 10MB      24hrs     Cost: N100     Code: *229*3*1#
  •     Weekly Plan   - Data: 50MB      7days     Cost: N400     Code: *229*3*4#  
  •     Night Plan         8pm-6am          30days  Cost: N4000    Code: *229*3*3#   
  •     Monthly Plan -  Data: 200MB    30days  Cost: N1000   Code: *229*2*1#
  •     Monthly Plan -  Data: 500MB    30days  Cost: N2000   Code: *229*2*2#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 1.5GB      30days  Cost: N4000    Code: *229*2*4#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 3GB         30days  Cost: N6500    Code: *229*2*3#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 6GB         30days  Cost: N8000    Code: *229*2*5#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 10GB       30days  Cost: N10000 Code: *229*4*1#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 15GB       30days  Cost: N15000 Code: *229*4*2#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 20GB       30days  Cost: N18000 Code: *229*4*3#
  •     Pay as you use Cost: 5 kobo/per kb
Etisalat Blackberry Plan and Subscription Codes:
Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Daily:   
  •     Blackberry Social Plan                   Cost: 100  Activation Code: *499*2*2# 
  •     BlackBerry Complete Daily           Cost: 100  Activation Code: *499*3*2#
  •     BlackBerry Internet Service           Cost: 250  Activation Code: *499*5#

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Weekly:   
  •     Blackberry Social Plan                   Cost: 400    Activation Code: *499*2*1#
  •     BlackBerry Complete                     Cost: 500    Activation Code: *499*3*1#
  •     Blackberry Internet Service            Cost: 1000  Activation Code: *499*6#

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Monthly:
  •     Blackberry Social Plan                    Cost: 1300  Activation Code: *499*2#
  •     BlackBerry Complete                      Cost: 1500  Activation Code: *499*3#
  •     Blackberry Internet Service             Cost: 3000  Activation Code: *499*1#   

Check your data balance  - *228# and send.
Stop or Cancel data plan - Text STOP to 229 or dial *229*0#
More valuable products of Etisalat could be found at their official website:

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  1. Etisalat is the best browsing network in nigeria..... i love the very fast browsing

  2. I really like this post because it is detailed enough for me to comprehend. Thanks for publishing this. I can now go on and subscribe to the Pc code. Thanks and God bless you, Andrew.

  3. Wats hapenin etisalat!!! I'm not able to buy a bundle....I've sent the codes and I'm still expecting my MB .two weeks now...Jesus!! I wonder

  4. What's happening to etisalat??? I am not able to subscribe!!!!! Sent d codes a thousand and one times...awaiting confirmation sms. Na wa!!!

  5. Etisalat should reduce data cost, its very high and not affordable for android users.

  6. Etisalat network is good but you guy need to reduce your price tag on bis and data plan. thanks

  7. Etisalat data plan is no longer what it use to be.
    Poor service
    The value has dropped and this means loosing customers to Glo.
    Glo has taken over both in quality service and 2000k for 4GB