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October 31, 2013

BBM for Android and iPhone

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Blackberry Messenger, popularly known as BBM instant messaging services on smartphones is now officially available for Android and iOS users for free. BBM™ trademark of Blackberry Limited happened to be the most friendly and famous way to connect and share instant messages, pictures, videos and more for free, in real time on mobile phone at respective apps stores of Android and Apple with over 20 million users downloads since official release.

BBM for Android and iOS Core Features:
  • It's free
  • BBM is always connect without opening any app to run it
  • Chat with friends on Blackberry, Android and iPhone
  • Share photos, videos, voice notes, files and more
  • Get emoticons for every mood and emotion that expresses you better
  • Scan barcodes, swap PINs or use Blackberry tag to add BBM friends, and create BBM Groups to simultaneously send message multiple contacts
  • And many more...

Phone Device Basic Requirements:
  • All Android Phones running on Android 4.0 [Ice Cream Sandwich] and later
  • All iPhones running on iOS 6 and later
Download BBM apps for Android phones and iPhones for free at Google Play Store and Apple Store repectively:
I got it downloaded to my Sony Xperia Android phone yesterday from Android Apps Store, still trying it out. I hear someone ask, how do I find my Pin or barcode? Especially if you're new to the Blackberry network service of pinging. Interestingly,  You can get the unique identifier PIN used in Blackberry Messenger [BBM] by doing the following:
  1. Tap the your BBM name or picture in the top bar of the BBM screen.
  2. Tap the Show Barcode icon in the bottom bar of the screen, then you BBM PIN will be displayed under QR code image...That's it!