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February 16, 2011

Online Writing - 3 Years Anniversary on HubPages

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We had a wonderful day celebrating my 3 years anniversary on HubPages community; it was exciting and trendy with many fellow great hubbers, writers, and guests sharing love and thoughts on most Hubbers experiences on writing online, hosted on the above published hub link. You're welcome.

Writing Online: So interesting for me and friends online to mark and celebrate my 3rd year Anniversary on HubPages [online writing] and on Facebook communities respectively on the same day: 12th February 2011. The above mentioned online communities are online platforms where anyone could passionately write and publish web articles(hubs) on loved topics especially on HubPages and share life issues, events, photos, videos and lots more on facebook respectively.

HubPages Review: This is a great platform for writers and intending ones, even already published writers who may tend to improve themselves, probably go trendy and continue to passively earn income online. The good part of it is that you can write on any good thing(topic) you love, know or passionate about. Are you a sports writer or a journalist, lawyer, doctor, name it...You can passionately express them in writing freely and securely on HubPages and passively earn decent rewards{income online} via Google Adsense, Amazon, eBay and other online income channels.

Lots of HubPages success stories abound as this is not a get rich quick scheme whatever, you've got to learn a bit, write and publish hubs, though very easy to go about it if you're willing to learn and apply healthy and proven strategies always shared in the community, proven to be resourceful for writers online. It got awesome wide reach and audience, considering also the friendliness of HubPages with major search engines. We value your comments, questions, vote and possibly share this with friends:

January 28, 2011

7 Basic Requirements for Internet Marketing Business

The Truth About Internet Marketing Business
Internet  Marketing Strategies:
In the 21st century, Internet marketing have proven that there are no bounds making money on the Internet with your products and services with the help of Internet technology. In every business be it offline or online business; all of them have basic requirements to actually be a success in it respectively.

These basic requirements to kick start any online business of Internet marketing cannot be overemphasized as they're very vital for newbies and the professionals who tend to improve their knowledge on the same, let us look at a few highlights of the required basics to forge ahead with Internet marketing business:
  1. A personal computer or Laptop - It is very important to have a personal computer of your own if you're serious to make good head way.
  2. Ensure to acquire skills - Knowledge is power and will only empower anyone when rightly applied
  3. A product - To actually make money online, you ought to have quality products or services that you offer.
  4. A website or blog - A free blog on Blogger, WordPress or getting your own registered and hosted business domain name will get you started with writing and blogging on things that you're most passionate about. Getting a registered domain or website of your own will always be quite ideal branding your business online.
  5. Website Traffic - Quality traffic they say is guaranteed income, getting quality website traffic is very cardinal.
  6. A Mentor - You need a mentor for a continued guide to a lasting success, there are many resourceful persons you could follow with proven results{on facebook and twitter, even offline.
  7. Focus - Don't get enticed with every business opportunity that comes your way, be known for something and stick to it with patience. It truly builds with time.                 
Video marketing is huge and a great way of getting quality and targeted website traffic to your niche market(website, blogs and hubs). Many are not doing it, but you can leverage on via YouTube, Metacafe and other authoritative video sites.

It's Amazing as you get to know and acquire knowledge on how to effectively use Video Marketing for profits in this modern age of Technology. The good thing about it from the little experience of mine, the gained web traffic are usually quality traffic(action takers). Give it try!