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July 27, 2012

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria offers both prepaid and postpaid Internet data bundles to suit your need for broadband Internet access on most mobile phones and devices, residential /office computers and laptops. 

Interestingly, Airtel data plans now run on a fast 3.75G network on mobile phones, and devices like iPad, data modem, MiFi and Router for optimum performance and productivity with the stability of the data transfer rate.

The ease of simply activating your mobile devices and computers for Internet browsing by simply

May 01, 2012

How To Get Recharge Card Loan Service on Airtel

Interestingly, I just discovered that one could loan airtime worth of between 50 and 500 Naira on Airtel Nigeria network. A big thanks to a friend of mine who made this service (Airtel Advance Talk Time Service) known to me.

This is actually good especially on emergency whereby you may be out of reach of airtime recharge card access or ran out airtime in the night per say; I used it recently when there was nowhere to find a recharge card in the night.

 Airtel Nigeria made it possible for subscribers to load airtime with a payback grace of four days

March 31, 2011

Airtel Nigeria Internet - Blackberry and Smartphones

Airtel Mobile Internet Settings and Blackberry Data Plans:
The usage of mobile Internet on cell phones has been made available and relatively affordable for users to subscribe to specific data plans of choice and for pocket wise in considerations. In this plight, most  top performing GSM/GPRS network providers like Airtel Nigeria formerly owned by Zain Nigeria has provided many sided benefits of mobile Internet.

Subscription of data services provided by these Internet service providers(ISP) have come as low as one hundred naira to start browsing the Internet on your cell phone for a period of 24 hours. There are other affordable data plans already rolled out by Airtel – Feel Free