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October 31, 2013

BBM for Android and iPhone

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Blackberry Messenger, popularly known as BBM instant messaging services on smartphones is now officially available for Android and iOS users for free. BBM™ trademark of Blackberry Limited happened to be the most friendly and famous way to connect and share instant messages, pictures, videos and more for free, in real time on mobile phone at respective apps stores of Android and Apple with over 20 million users downloads since official release.

May 09, 2013

Glo Nigeria Data Plan and Subscription Codes

Glo Nigeria Data Plan - Globacom Nigeria is a privately owned GSM multinational telecommunication carrier that started operations on August 2003, having presently over 25 million subscribers. Globacom Nigeria telecommunication has a high capacity fiber optic cable known as Glo-1, a submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. Recently, I added Glo mobile broadband Internet to my lead of Internet access arsenals with a  Glo Bolt usb modem, and it's a wow! 

Interestingly, Internet access on mobile phone, desktop, laptop,

March 02, 2013

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan and Subscription Codes

Etisalat Nigeria as Nigeria’s fourth GSM operator is on the top of managing Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services (EMTS), it began commercial operations as Etisalat Nigeria in October 2008, now operating with over 14 million subscribers in Nigeria and recently launched one of the first major mobile broadband services in Nigeria named EasyBlaze, which offers efficient various Internet data plans to suite your need.  

Etisalat is presently the 15th largest mobile network operator

November 18, 2012

MTN Nigeria Data Plan and Subscription Codes

MTN Data Plans for Mobile Phones:
MTN Nigeria is known to be the most popular and widely covered GSM network service provider, without any doubt the also offer Internet data bundles for mobile phones, data modems, and other mobile devices like the iPad amongst others. MTN Nigeria offers various data bundles to suite your need on mobile phone and computer platforms respectively. 

Presently, for any sim card to be activated with the Internet, it must be first registered with the network provider as directed by the regulatory body, Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC). To setup or activate your sim card for any Internet access and data plan, you'll need to send an SMS by typing SETTINGS and sending to 3888 from

September 06, 2011

Opera Mini 5 Phone Web Browser

Opera mini 5.1 - SmartPhones, iPhone, iPod and Blackberry, Nokia:
Opera Mini 5
Opera Mini web browser for mobile phones has come prettier and better with the full web experience on your palm, Opera Mini 5.1 web browser is quite interesting to come with great innovations this time. If you've been using Opera mini browser for mobile phones, you will agree with me that this free web browser software is very exciting in it's nature and functionality.

I got quite interested among other numerous users to find out after downloading the software with it's many sided features for any phone

August 29, 2011

Do You Ping on Blackberry?

Blackberry Pinging Service - The growing Mobile innovations associated with pinging service on mobile phones like Blackberry has taken a giant drive of technological and social revolutions of her users similarly different, complimentary, and famous in the manner of social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, yookos, etc. Most Mobile Network service global providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat amongst others providing Blackberry pinging and Internet services respectively. 

This has indeed innovated the social life esteem, news, jokes, business, and productivity, at the same time thrive beautifully beyond imaginations... More and more innovative Blackberry software updates and

July 12, 2011

Opera Mini Web Browser for Cell Phones

Mobile Internet Browser for Mobile Phones

Mobile Internet browsing has truly taken a new drive with one of the most famous mobile web browsers: Opera Mini Web Browser software in recent days with various outstanding recent versions on Opera mini 5.1 and 6.0 respectively. 

Interestingly, Opera mini browser software is free to download on a cell phone that is already activated on Internet with your local network service provider, and most smartphones like Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, SamSung, iPhone, and

March 31, 2011

Airtel Nigeria Internet - Blackberry and Smartphones

Airtel Mobile Internet Settings and Blackberry Data Plans:
The usage of mobile Internet on cell phones has been made available and relatively affordable for users to subscribe to specific data plans of choice and for pocket wise in considerations. In this plight, most  top performing GSM/GPRS network providers like Airtel Nigeria formerly owned by Zain Nigeria has provided many sided benefits of mobile Internet.

Subscription of data services provided by these Internet service providers(ISP) have come as low as one hundred naira to start browsing the Internet on your cell phone for a period of 24 hours. There are other affordable data plans already rolled out by Airtel – Feel Free

February 10, 2011

Fast Mobile Internet Browser - Bolt Browser Review

Bolt Browser
Bolt Browser - Internet Browser for Blackberry, iPhone, Touch and Smartphones:

The quest for full web browsing experience on cell phones is truly a solution embraced by most mobile phone users; Blackberry, iPhone, and other Smartphones. This is indeed a welcome innovation of browsing with a java powered Internet browser like Bolt amongst other good web browsers. Bolt browser is probably number one browser among many. You may tend to ask how is it?...If you already got one you're using.

I discovered Bolt browser one morning trying to answer a question asked by a fellow hubber and couldn't do any other thing online either that moment, far from the house and office which could have enabled me have that important question answered. I even thought the problem was from my network provider due to connection failure until I tried launching my default Internet or wap browser on my cell phone...

Wow! It loaded and opened my requested web page but you know how slow it could be loading large content(images and videos) web page with it, it wasn't funny at all, though I have and use Opera mini regularly(it's even good to have up 3 different browsers to avoid any unforeseen stress), then I quickly put a search term on Google typing "fast mobile web browser," saw many search results...And downloaded my Bolt browser that have beaten all full mobile web experiences I've ever had with any mobile web browser application. Watch Bolt Browser for Blackberry YouTube video below on how it actually work good on Blackberry phones...

Download Bolt Browser by simply typing on your launched default browser(Internet browser that came with your cell phone) or any other resident Internet connection browser on phone.

Internet settings - GPRS Settings for Blackberry and other smartphones with most Network service providers are automatically but if not, then you can configure the gprs settings manually: 

Be informed! Your line/phone must be Internet activated with your local Network provider or ISP if not active yet. Subscribe a Data plan bundle with your local Internet Service Provider[ISP]. It's safe, reliable and affordable to surf with in recent days.

Benefits of using Bolt Browser:
  •  Full web experience on regular, flash, video, database driven websites.
  •  Superb optimized graphics and video streaming on mobile.
  •   It's safe and very fast.* Saves cost on Data plan.
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