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July 27, 2012

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria offers both prepaid and postpaid Internet data bundles to suit your need for broadband Internet access on most mobile phones and devices, residential /office computers and laptops. 

Interestingly, Airtel data plans now run on a fast 3.75G network on mobile phones, and devices like iPad, data modem, MiFi and Router for optimum performance and productivity with the stability of the data transfer rate.

The ease of simply activating your mobile devices and computers for Internet browsing by simply

September 02, 2011

Opera Mobile for Android Phones

Opera Mobile 11 For Android: 
The new Opera mobile 11 for Android and Symbian phones with modernized new user interface, and buttons for jumping top to the bottom of your web page has proved quite innovative with it's pinch to zoom features and many others. 

The Android market offering of operation systems (Android OS) for most outstanding cell phones.Opera mobile is a fully web browser for mobile phones with exact full web experience just like using your desktop or

August 29, 2011

Do You Ping on Blackberry?

Blackberry Pinging Service - The growing Mobile innovations associated with pinging service on mobile phones like Blackberry has taken a giant drive of technological and social revolutions of her users similarly different, complimentary, and famous in the manner of social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, yookos, etc. Most Mobile Network service global providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat amongst others providing Blackberry pinging and Internet services respectively. 

This has indeed innovated the social life esteem, news, jokes, business, and productivity, at the same time thrive beautifully beyond imaginations... More and more innovative Blackberry software updates and

August 09, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Release Rumor Now A Reality

Apple iPhone 5 Release:
So much heard of the Apple iPhone 5 release rumors - It seems that the anticipated phone of the year release has shifted a bit from the earlier speculated time to come out by September, now being rumored for the release in October. Indeed, Apple has kept people wondering at what it will actually look like and the final release date. 

This expressly indicates the quest and addiction of Apple iPhone fans and lovers considering the awesome features of iPhones. Many wonder if it would look like iPhone 4 series or iPhone 3GS! How long will people still wait? Going by the latest rumors and speculations of iPhone 5 release date. Interestingly, Apple is officially releasing the iPhone 5 in September 21, 2012. "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone" ~ Apple. Many can't wait to have the highly esteemed iPhone 5 with amazing features and performance.

Official iPhone 5 Trailer - Phone specifications and amazing features

In 2011, the rumor did turn much more better surprises from Apple as the recently launched iPhone 4S with amazing features including the SIRI, before the exit of the man behind the works of Apple; blessed memories of late Steve Jobs.

Updates 15th September 2012: Today, after watching the official iPhone 5 trailer, it's worth having as a core utility machine, Apple truly walk in excellence with their products. No wonder "iPhone 5" pre-orders are greatly increasing online daily towards the release date 21st September, 2012.

Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about the coming Apple iPhone 5.

One can also checkout more exciting features of other Apple mobile devices; Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and the iPhone 5 release, Indeed, Apple mobile devices handsomely sell like crazy at reputable online stores like Amazon store, Apple store, eBay amongst others.

Buy Apple iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5, or accessories

March 31, 2011

Airtel Nigeria Internet - Blackberry and Smartphones

Airtel Mobile Internet Settings and Blackberry Data Plans:
The usage of mobile Internet on cell phones has been made available and relatively affordable for users to subscribe to specific data plans of choice and for pocket wise in considerations. In this plight, most  top performing GSM/GPRS network providers like Airtel Nigeria formerly owned by Zain Nigeria has provided many sided benefits of mobile Internet.

Subscription of data services provided by these Internet service providers(ISP) have come as low as one hundred naira to start browsing the Internet on your cell phone for a period of 24 hours. There are other affordable data plans already rolled out by Airtel – Feel Free

February 10, 2011

Fast Mobile Internet Browser - Bolt Browser Review

Bolt Browser
Bolt Browser - Internet Browser for Blackberry, iPhone, Touch and Smartphones:

The quest for full web browsing experience on cell phones is truly a solution embraced by most mobile phone users; Blackberry, iPhone, and other Smartphones. This is indeed a welcome innovation of browsing with a java powered Internet browser like Bolt amongst other good web browsers. Bolt browser is probably number one browser among many. You may tend to ask how is it?...If you already got one you're using.

I discovered Bolt browser one morning trying to answer a question asked by a fellow hubber and couldn't do any other thing online either that moment, far from the house and office which could have enabled me have that important question answered. I even thought the problem was from my network provider due to connection failure until I tried launching my default Internet or wap browser on my cell phone...

Wow! It loaded and opened my requested web page but you know how slow it could be loading large content(images and videos) web page with it, it wasn't funny at all, though I have and use Opera mini regularly(it's even good to have up 3 different browsers to avoid any unforeseen stress), then I quickly put a search term on Google typing "fast mobile web browser," saw many search results...And downloaded my Bolt browser that have beaten all full mobile web experiences I've ever had with any mobile web browser application. Watch Bolt Browser for Blackberry YouTube video below on how it actually work good on Blackberry phones...

Download Bolt Browser by simply typing on your launched default browser(Internet browser that came with your cell phone) or any other resident Internet connection browser on phone.

Internet settings - GPRS Settings for Blackberry and other smartphones with most Network service providers are automatically but if not, then you can configure the gprs settings manually: 

Be informed! Your line/phone must be Internet activated with your local Network provider or ISP if not active yet. Subscribe a Data plan bundle with your local Internet Service Provider[ISP]. It's safe, reliable and affordable to surf with in recent days.

Benefits of using Bolt Browser:
  •  Full web experience on regular, flash, video, database driven websites.
  •  Superb optimized graphics and video streaming on mobile.
  •   It's safe and very fast.* Saves cost on Data plan.
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