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September 17, 2011

Who Is A Christian?

Christianity and Religion: The Truth About Christianity...
The questions is, Who Is A Christian? A very vital and common question, "Who is a Christian?" The word "Christian" came from the Greek word "Christianos" which was generated from the Greek word "Christos," Christ, meaning the anointed one. According to Acts 11:26 it was first heard in Antioch of Syria, applied to followers of Christ.

This public and religious identity tagged to followers of Jesus Christ(Disciples or Believers). Very Interesting. This question has always

March 26, 2011

My Favorite Worship Songs

Worship Songs are truly awesome and quite rejuvenating to the thirsting soul; there are a few worship songs that get me praising and worshiping God in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Many at times I've found it expressly bringing me to awareness of His ever abiding presence and at such times, it will amount to me of His everlasting love for my life.

Worship songs have a way of tuning one's spirit in alignment with God's Spirit resident in the life of a believer. The collections of Worship songs above are quite amazing though not the complete video series. Always refreshed in His presence while praising and worshiping God for His mercies and kindness. God is faithful and truly awesome! Hallelujah! Get excited of His love for you and worship Him in praises and worship.

Praising and worshiping God in songs have been proven to draw God's attention than making complaining, cries and worrying on things that are not just working for you as expected, one good thing about praising God in worship songs is that you'll actually attuned one's spirit to truly communicate to our heavenly father. The assurance is made evident and the giants become like ants. You'll also notice that your faith tend to come alive to believe more on the integrity of God's word who is life and Spirit (John 6:63). To God be all the glory...He is Awesome! Hallelujah!!!
God bless you richly as you praise and worship Him, He cares for you.