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October 09, 2013

Trends of Google Calendar

Google Calendar application now enables users to organize their respective schedules and share them with families and friends. Helping you avoid missing an event with the innovation of SMS and email reminders. This online calendar helps you sync same with your phone, and take your schedule along with you. You'll need to signup a google account if you don't have any...In case, you have a gmail account, then you're good to go.

August 04, 2012

Ask Google and Get Answers Fast

Ask Questions and Get Answers for Free
The ease of asking questions and getting answers for free on Google homepage is an amazing innovation when considered that you can virtually ask Google anything your mind can think of and more especially the numerous quality of answers you'll actually get. In fact, Google homepage interest me the most on the following features amongst others:

                                                       Google Search Page
Google Search

November 22, 2011

Google Trader Nigeria - Buy and Sell Products Online

"Nigeria's Marketplace for Products and Services."
Google recently launched an online classified website and listing called Google Trader within a few African countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. This is huge and resourceful Nigeria's marketplace for products and services. Great tool online for business owners and Entrepreneurs to reach prospects and people searching for products and services to buy or hire.

Google Trader launched in Nigeria is a welcomed development as perceived by many Nigerians online who already using indigenous classifieds to "buy" and "sell" products and services on the

October 28, 2011

Google TV Review

An Update on Google TV:
Google TV Software
The new Google TV revolutionary Live streaming software on your TV that are at the moment launched in Sony TVs and Logitech devices.

The interesting idea of it all is having the TV software to work directly with the said devices, not just "tv on the net", but supporting Optical S/PDIF audio output, HD and TV shows, universal remote control, AV Receiver support and HDMI amongst others. Google TV latest update has made it much more easier to have access to millions of live stations and broadcast as an added advantage to your already existing Cable, Direct TV, Comcast

March 15, 2011

Google Affiliate Network - Make Money with Google


Google Affiliate Network
Google Affiliate Network: Exclusive Affiliate Opportunities: 
Google Affiliate Network has recently introduced an affiliate program which enables publishers connect with reputable advertisers with high converting products and services through a Google tailored affiliate marketing program or network.

Affiliate marketing is simply partnering with a company to drive leads or targeted traffic to their website and eventually make money with Google and good enough this is featured and managed by "Google Affiliate Network." Great opportunities for both the advertisers and publishers - with over thirty advertisers presently on board.

It will officially kick off on the 25th March 2011. Another great opportunity to make money online with other top affiliate products via Google.

Google Affiliate Network Requirements:
  • You'll be required to signup with your Adsense email and publisher id e.g pub-XXXXXXX
  • A website or blog of your own or could also apply with your free blog at blogger(make mone blogging)
  • Then wait for Google Affiliate Network program's approval.
"Google Affiliate Network Publisher Reporting Updates"  - Video
As a publisher, it is important to get to know more about signing up and managing this classic marketing opportunity for publishers to empower their websites, blogs and virtual living with the more from Google YouTube video. Basically, the Advertisers and Publishers are involved in this profitable affiliate business comprising various reputable affiliate networks of best selling products and services. Watch this video:
    Benefits of Google Affiliate Network:
    • Connect to Industry leading companies; publishers and advertisers
    • Enhanced detailed performance tracking
    • Automated payments for approved publishers
    • Trendy affiliate product marketing tools and many more
    Remember it will be live on the Internet on the 25th  to 28th March for participants{only one weekend}. For more information, please visit Google's blog post.

    Affiliate Marketing Updates:
    This is pretty good news for website and blog owners to signup free on the Google Affiliate Network to earn more from their respective sites with Cost Per Action ads popularly known as CPA; thereby connecting publishers with valuable advertisers, and simply make money as rewards for driving conversion to their respective websites.

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    February 25, 2011

    Google Puts a Check on Content Farm - Finding more high-quality sites in search

    Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search
    Google on Content Fa
    Google Cracks Down on Content Farm - Updates:
    The New search algorithm improvement by Google has really raised a lot of unanswered questions with high tensions of what really a content farm means - This is explicitly associated with providing low quality content or articles(junks) to the audience via search engine search results on major search engines like Google...It has also been related with duplicate contents and many folded article spinning that provide low quality contents. More to it.

    The recent search engine algorithm change by Google targeted at ensuring quality content, helpful to readers or users to come with top placement on the search engines; this development has truly affected many authoritative content farm websites thereby bringing down most search results most regarded less quality information on the Internet. Many have wondered, trying to figure out what they have really done wrong. There are few things amongst others that very critical to adjust on as extensively discussed by few content farms towards a way forward:
    •  Automated Content Generation    
    •  Continued Repetition of Targeted keywords and key phrases 
    •  Spammy Techniques and a lot others
    Google has a lot to tell publishers on the same at their official blog site with other relative reviews on the same.

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