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November 15, 2012

The Truth About Making Money Online Legitimately

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria:
The truth about using the Internet technology to make money online in Nigeria beyond the fun of browsing the internet, sharing with friends, relations and colleagues on social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube may not be narrowed to money making opportunities of Internet marketing or affiliate marketing of info products; ebooks, audios, videos, and subscriptions amongst other proven online business models.

A lot said and heard about online businesses making serious legitimate money on the Internet without having to own an office or hiring staff and all the logistics associated, but that wouldn't be all there's. Today, any branch of life, business, social, technology, entertainment...Just name it!

November 22, 2011

Google Trader Nigeria - Buy and Sell Products Online

"Nigeria's Marketplace for Products and Services."
Google recently launched an online classified website and listing called Google Trader within a few African countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. This is huge and resourceful Nigeria's marketplace for products and services. Great tool online for business owners and Entrepreneurs to reach prospects and people searching for products and services to buy or hire.

Google Trader launched in Nigeria is a welcomed development as perceived by many Nigerians online who already using indigenous classifieds to "buy" and "sell" products and services on the