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August 27, 2011

Pray for Nigeria - Your Prayers for Nigeria Count

Have You Prayed For Nigeria Today? Nigeria as a Nation since her independence in 1960 still has a lot of nagging challenges and trials that seemed quite unpleasing, on the other hand considering that we are well endowed with human and rich natural resources, but has been presently enslaved in religious, ethnic, and political crisis.

One may also tend to ask: Which way Nigeria? Nigerians have grossly attributed the ill clamored problems to our past leaders who allegedly have in one way or the other looted the treasuries of the nation, and promoting violence via religion and ethnicity! Recently, it was the militants, religious crisis, kidnapping, and now serial bombings, killing innocent people both young and the old. So sad to count! Lets place value for human lives.

This is time for every Nigerian to truly go on their knees in "prayer for Nigeria" Some say, "we need practical things to be done, and not prayer," but you should also know the fact that

May 03, 2011

President Goodluck Jonathan will Change Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan
The 2011 general elections in Nigeria have come and gone, so many agitations in the past that seem as if we will never get over it but today the story is absolutely different. Why and How?  You may ask. In the previous elections before the April elections, we did witness several irregularities and mischievous acts associated with elections in Nigeria. Today, the saying that "change is constant" has not only become a reality in Nigeria but is much closer than the cloths we're putting on. Also, no man is an Island.

Nigeria in the history of leadership has suffered in the past under the leaders who are probably not enough selfless to carry the people along in fairness, justice and selflessness irrespective of ethnicity and religion which are 500% worst than clamored corruption in the land, but we are not ignorant of it's harm as well. All said and done, Nigeria will only change when leaders are selfless and visionary as no one is perfect but we are being perfected in knowledge on a daily basis.