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February 03, 2013

I Believe in Miracles!

Sometimes it's so amazing seeing the high rate of controversy that surrounds the word "Miracle," that you would wonder if people actually believe the Scriptures read or took it for a special kind of great history book cherishing most the religion therein. I had a little discussion with a few friends who are good Christians that do know the Word of God to the letters. These questions arose after watching a Christian TV program together...What is a miracle? Do the miracles performed by Jesus still happen in our days? These spectacular miracles of today are not real? These men were not unbelievers to start with, and I quickly responded that I believe in Miracles! 

Do you believe in Miracles?
Yes, we experience it daily in our lives, but to say that the ones of the Bible days are over or

September 17, 2011

Who Is A Christian?

Christianity and Religion: The Truth About Christianity...
The questions is, Who Is A Christian? A very vital and common question, "Who is a Christian?" The word "Christian" came from the Greek word "Christianos" which was generated from the Greek word "Christos," Christ, meaning the anointed one. According to Acts 11:26 it was first heard in Antioch of Syria, applied to followers of Christ.

This public and religious identity tagged to followers of Jesus Christ(Disciples or Believers). Very Interesting. This question has always