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May 03, 2011

How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

Custom Domain Blogger Tips and Videos: 
The Blogging innovation has gone wide and better for anyone using or intending to express his or her driving passion via a Blog. This software platform for bloggers on blogspot now offer two major free publishing options to enable you customize your own blog with a domain name of your choice []. 

You can freely host your blogger site with Google blogger if you purchase or register your domain name with them or have your already registered domain customized and hosted on Blogger.

Custom Domain Blogger Publishing Options:

February 07, 2011

How To Start Domain And Reseller Hosting Business

How To Start Web Hosting Reseller Business
Linux Hosting

Web Hosting Reviews:
The act of reselling web hosting products has been proven to be quite lucrative and innovative with huge thirst among many who are apparently using the Internet or intending ones (persons and businesses) to own their related domains(websites) are truly increasing day to day. Domain name and web hosting of individuals and corporate business websites seem to be quite lucrative in recent days. This is an online business opportunity one can run from anywhere there's an Internet connection present, as one can also work from home or anywhere as a web hosting reseller.

Best Web Hosting Products:
The hosting reseller buys a bulk of web hosting package from a core and reliable top web hosting products from companies like HostGator, Godaddy, 1 and 1, Yahoo small business hosting and others at very reduced or affordable hosting plan and thereby resell same by offering the services of registering domains and hosting them for prospective customers.

Most of these top web hosting companies now offer free billing system, free website builder, free reseller website templates to get started without any stress whatsoever.

Basic Requirements for a Reseller Web Hosting Business:
  • A registered domain name - You'll need to register a domain name of choice, but while choosing a domain name for your business, consider using searched keywords related domain name for organic search engine relevance. 
  • Reseller Hosting Account - A reliable reseller hosting account from any of the mentioned web hosting companies which comes with a billing system for your accepting online payments and management, reseller website templates to enable you host your files and new business website. Interestingly, web hosts like HostGator provides support, videos and pdf tutorials to guide you on setting up and managing your new business for efficiency and profit.
  • Website optimization and Promotion - You'll need to optimize your website for the search search engines to crawl and index your site, share your new business website with friends, social networking sites, you could also run a few paid ads on facebook, google adwords, msn adcenter for instant signups and sales.
I recommend you to get started with a proven top web hosting provider with so many added benefits like unlimited web space and bandwidth offers by HostGator reseller hosting plan. As they're based in the US, and have covered a vast number of countries in the North America, Europe, Asia, Africa including Nigerians online who dare to stand by their TOS as the do securely accept payments made online to acquire their esteemed products and services, but will be contacted and must have yourself verified as proof of ownership of the debit card or credit card used.

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