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August 06, 2011

My Facebook Story

Facebook recently thanked her numerous fans on their official fanpage for reaching a milestone of 50 Million fans who liked their page. Interestingly, the did ask fans to express their respective stories about facebook, and you can be sure that all stories will not be quite romancing but majority sounded great; one of the excited fans even narrated that, I quote "facebook is my life." 

The truth is not far fetched as many of us can literally not pass a whole day without checking out friends on facebook; updates, gists, gossips, jokes, world news, and business. Recently, I got to know of a friend who got wedded in my locality without any pre-information of event other than some of his photos that were liked by another of my friend on facebook.

In fact, as for me I draw and feed my spirit first from a rhapsody of realities devotional